Introducing the Spice 2e

Wouldn’t it be great if we could significantly reduce our energy bills AND do something really positive to help protect our environment?

The Spice 2e electricity-generating micro combined heat and power appliance, (mCHP for short), is a small, compact, floor-standing, gas-engine based appliance that generates electricity whilst heating your water/ premises. 

Engineered and manufactured in the UK the Spice 2e has almost twice the electricity generating capacity and at least double the energy efficiency of any competing mCHP on the market today with an overall efficiency of >97% and maximised reliability. 

The Spice 2e not only allows the appliance holder to significantly reduce their carbon emissions but also provides an attractive financial investment. 

Sustainable Power a UK company specialising  in the development and production of high efficiency

mCHP co-generating appliances for the

SME and larger residential market.

Spice 2e

Generating average savings of £4,200 per year from your energy bill and up to 15% in overall efficiencies

Reduces the site holders carbon footprint by up to

5 tonnes per year

Powering a

Sustainable Future

Cost Savings
Feed In Tariffs

Generating average savings of £4,200 per year from your energy bill and up to a further 15% in overall efficiencies. Eligible under the UK government Feed In Tariff scheme.

 "FIT's" are a Government-backed measure, part of the Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays

individuals and business alike for generating

their own low carbon electricity.

The generation of electricity through a Centralised System is

highly carbon inefficient with at least 65% of the energy lost. 

The Spice 2e, however, is highly carbon efficient losing

only 3% of energy in the generation of electricity!

This means the Spice 2e is 62% more energy efficient than electricity via the national grid and therefore provides the

ability for the appliance holder to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint by up to 5 tonnes per annum.

Carbon Reductions