Established in 2008, the genesis of Sustainable Power was created by a team of engineers from the R&D sector of Prodrive Subaru WRC Team. In harnessing their knowledge of engine efficiency, combustion and software development, Sustainable Power has developed a compact ultra-efficient micro Combined Heat and Power appliance (“mCHP”) for the SME and domestic markets.

Having completed development and production engineering, Sustainable Power is currently on target for full-scale production commencing in January 2016. SP intends to deliver over 30,000 Spice 2e units into the SME and larger residential sector within the first five years of production. In doing so, Sustainable Powers would have the ability to collectively reduce carbon emissions in the UK by at least 150,000 tonnes per year whilst simultaneously reducing the energy costs for customers by over £150,000,000 per annum.

Powering a sustainable future

Sustainable Power