The Feed-In Tariffs are a Government-backed measure that makes it rewarding for the site holder to produce renewable electricity. Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) are the electricity sector of what is known as, 

Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays individuals and business alike for generating their own low carbon electricity.

The Generation Tariff (13.24p / kWh)

A fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity you generate

whether you use it on site or export it to the national grid.

The Export Tariff (4.6p / kWh - 50% assumed exported)

An additional fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity

self-generated sold back to the national grid.

* These rates are paid for 10 years and are index inked and tax free.

Reduction in utility bills

Due to self-generation you are purchasing less energy via utility companies

at the normal rates so overall costs and efficiencies are greatly reduced.

The Spice 2e has been specifically designed to produce 2kWe in order to take full advantage of the 2kWe Feed In Tariff limit (FIT), set by the UK Government. It is therefore ideally suited to produce not only exceptionally low levels of CO2, but also to maximise the electricity produced and thus the FIT subsidy paid by the UK Government over a ten year fixed payment period.


Generating average savings of £4,200 per year from

your energy bill and up to a further 15%  in overall efficiencies

Eligible under the UK government Feed in Tariff scheme

-  "Clean Energy Cashback"

Reduces site holders carbon footprint by up to 

5 tonnes per year.

By providing the ability for the appliance owner to generate electricity at their own premises directly from low carbon natural gas, costing approximately one third electricity from the national grid, huge savings can be achieved in both FINANCIAL and carbon terms.

The Spice 2e is specifically tailored to the UK market environment, including the UK Government’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) 2kWe subsidy limit. It is therefore ideally suited to provide exceptional levels of CO2 reduction per kWe produced, and a maximised financial return for the consumer in relation to electricity generated.

Indicative Unit Economics of each Spice 2e appliance with a running time of 8000 hours pa

- based on electricity increasing at 6.5%pa

The Company estimates that the potential IRR on the installation of a Spice 2e appliance is 32%.

Feed in Tariffs  (FIT's)


Spice 2e