Delivers up to 3,400 litres of hot water and up to 48KWe on a daily basis

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Powering a Sustainable Future


Spice 2e was designed and developed in-house by our team of expert engineers based in Oxford, UK. The appliance is packaged within an impressive 495x490 floor footprint ensuring the appliance can be accommodated in an existing plant room where floor space is always at a premium. A height of only 725mm means the appliance can be discretely located along side existing heating plant with minimal disruption allowing the installation process to take less than a day.

The technology adopted enables the appliance to start generating both heat and electrical output in a little as 10 seconds from demand. This ability to switch on and off rapidly mirrors that of a standard gas boiler and avoids the complexity of controls required with alternative generating technologies which have extended warm up and cool down periods.

The Spice 2e is a result of 5 years in-house

research & development in mCHP and

energy efficiency by former seven-time Subaru World Rally Championship - Winning engineers. 

Maximum electrical and thermal efficiencies with total flexibility of operation

Innovative and patented gas fired internal combustion engine developed in-house utilising commercial parts (COTS) for ease of production and cost reductions

Purpose built power electronics to maximise power conversion

Vibration and noise isolation technology

Multiple patented design features for long service life and reduced maintenance requirements

Three way catalyst for emissions management

Comprehensive control electronics









The appliance uses standard 100/60mm domestic fuelling for its air intake and exhaust. The flue system is therefore low cost, widely available and totally familiar to gas installation engineers. The appliance can power a flue of up to 18m vertically or horizontally ensuring an exhaust route can be found in most situations. Further, the condensate removal system allows ultimate flexibility with options to remove at high or low level.

The application of internal combustion engine applied with the latest technology developed by SP returns exceptionally high electrical efficiencies of over 22%, which is far in excess of those provided by most other generation technologies. A high electrical efficiency combined with a low thermal output, allows the unit to run for longer when satisfying any heating demand. High run hours equates to higher electrical yield from the appliance. 

Spice 2e Key Features 

Specifically engineered with optimised control the appliance includes a fully remote monitoring and operating system. Innovative vibration isolation technology and acoustically engineered enclosure provide an exceptionally smooth and quiet appliance.

The Spice 2e is BSI certified.

In addition to outstanding electrical efficiency levels the Sustainable Power team have also achieved market leading thermal efficiencies from the appliance using patented heat recovery technology developed in-house. As a result the application of the Sustainable Power appliance ensures the total appliance efficiency exceeds that of the very best state of the art gas condensing boiler technology. Therefore there is no downside, in terms of fuel utilisation compared to other high efficiency heating appliance, just benefits through the production of low carbon and low cost electricity.

Gas Input:

9.5 kW

Electrical Output:      

2 kW

Max Heat Output:

7.2 kW

Flue System:


Spice 2e - Specifications 

Key Information 

Thermal Efficiencies 

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